Are you drowning?

Think about it. You do not drown by just falling in the water. You drown because you stay there….

Face it. We all have “life.” Each of us face challenges every day. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed like we are in over our heads. A lot of us spend most of the day doing things for others in our family, our employers, our neighbors. The list can go on and on.

Business owners may try to expand too quickly. Volunteers spread themselves too then trying to help too many people and entities at the same time. Perhaps now is the time to take a deep breath and evaluate those things that may be drowning you. Come up for some air! Tread the water for a little while so that you can get oriented.

If you need to be rescued, ask someone to help “bring you to shore.” You have others willing to throw you a lifeline and they can probably see that need to be rescued!