Be an “on time” Boss

Last week I got up at 4:15am, left home at 5:20am and drove 3 hours to a meeting that was to begin at 8:30 am… I arrive early enough to get a great parking spot! Cheerful and feeling proud of driving such a long way and arriving on time I catch the elevator and head to the office of the host.

I knocked on the office door and low and behold it was locked! I of course knocked several times, checked and rechecked my email to make sure that I was in the right place. I called the host and he said that he was running late! He also told me that one of the other participants was usually late. You see this was my first meeting with this committee. I expected everyone to be punctual. The meeting began at 8:55 and no one seemed to care that I had been standing in a hallway for 25 minutes.

The meeting was scheduled from 8:30am-10:00am so of course I scheduled my next meeting close by for 10:30am. I politely informed this group that I needed to leave at exactly 10:00am because I felt that it was important to be on time for my next appointment.

Being on time is a common courtesy. It shows that you plan well and that you respect the time of others. Professional people show up prepared and are punctual. At a minimum let everyone know in advance when possible that you are behind schedule.