Be the Best Boss that You Can Be

“ Be the best that I can be in every aspect of my life.”  ~ Michelle Keaton-Barrow

(I will explain the quote above because I did say it in front of an auditorium FULL of people.)

My mother always encouraged me to try. To give everything that I did my best. You see, when you do your best it is enough. When you know deep in your heart and soul that you gave your all to a cause or purpose. You have achieved a pinnacle of success!

Do not compare your success with anyone else’s. Always be at your best, do your best and ignore the rest!

So here is the story that goes with the quote. I will try to make it short.

My sophomore year in college I was voted to represent a fraternity as it’s “representative.” I did not know the role included competing in a college pageant………The pageant included a dance routine that included all contestants. That is when I discovered that I would never become a Rockette. Trust me, they yelled at me every practice. I had to come up with a “talent,” wear a BATHING SUIT and they also said something about a question and answer segment….

I could not drop out and disappoint anyone so I had a lot of work to do….  Everyone on campus had their favorites chosen to win. No one really knew who I was……. Hmmmm…… So first I found a piano player and he had written a song that no one had every heard before. My sister helped me purchase my dresses and bathing suit.

The night of the pageant I made a choice. I looked in my mirror and combed my hair so that it would look good with a crown on it. Literally.

I did the opening routine dance with perfection, the one and only time. I did not fall during my “evening gown” stroll. I wore a red swimsuit that was a hit because I went to North Carolina State University, “Red and White for Life!”  I nailed my song and got a STANDING OVATION partially because I had the element of surprise because I was not outspoken nor outgoing at that time.

When it was time for my question, I was exhausted. A couple of girls did so bad that they were crying back stage. My question was “What plans did I have for the future and how did I plan to accomplish them? I said “Be the best that I can be in every aspect of my life” and walked off. The applause was incredible most likely because I answered the question and in 1 sentence…

I used my mother’s advice and yep, I WON the pageant and wore the crown off the stage! Even if I did not get the crown I would still have been a winner because I know I tried my best!

The Boss Lady