Budget like a BOSS

Ok. Rule number one. You must spend less money than you earn!  Then you need to save and invest appropriately. You need to discipline yourself so that you can get ahead in life. Out of control spending and not having savings on reserve can literally make you sick.

First, determine your income. Your REAL income if you are self-employed. Make a list of needs and wants. What can you take out of your spending cycle? Can you clip coupons? Carpool? Carry your lunch?

Look in your closet and around your home. Is there anything that you can sell? What can you do to make additional income to pay off some debt?  Start simple and pay off your credit card or bill with the lowest balance. You will do that quickly and you will be more determined to pay off the next one.

How about getting a “budget buddy?” Grab a friend, co-worker or fellow business owner support and encourage each other weekly.   Make a spreadsheet so that you can track your progress.  Set reasonable goals. Begin creating the legacy that you deserve!

*I met with a banker today that said that a customer that makes more than $1,000,000/year could not qualify for a house…… $5000 car payment, $15,000 alimony payment, excessive credit card debt, very little savings… #millionaireblues #richbutreallybroke