Four ways to start your day like a Boss

You did it! YOU WOKE UP! Today is a glorious new day, a chance to start all over again. If yesterday was great today is going to be even better!  Did you fail at something? Great! Remember, Bosses learn from mistakes and use them as foundations for growth. Challenges are good. They exist to make you think and to give you strength.

  1. Before you get out of the bed take several deep breaths. Begin your day at peace and with a positive mindset. Clear your mind of all negative thoughts and then smile from the inside out!
  2. With a clear mind, give thanks and be aware of all the wonderful people and situations that exist in your life. Think of how you can give back to someone today. A smile, a compliment, a piece of advice or a simple phone call. Abundance is fluid. Always be ready to give and you will receive!
  3. Visualize your perfect day. Who will you see? What will you accomplish? See yourself filled with confidence. Today could be the day that you are contacted to be on a television show! Remember, your will literally attract what you think.
  4. Now be intentional and focus. Check your schedule and make sure that you are prepared for each task no matter how big or small. Pay attention to details. Are your files in order? Have you researched the person and or subject matter? Now dress for success and start your day like a Boss!!