Impossible is just an opinion…

“I begin by imagining the impossible and end by accomplishing the impossible.”

~Sri Chinmoy

“All things are always possible. End of story. Go bask in your glory.”

~Michelle Keaton-Barrow

Society thought that the human body could not run fast enough to run a mile in four minutes or less. They literally assumed that your system would collapse under pressure. On May 6, 1954 Englishman Roger Bannister broke the four-minute barrier. Two months later Bannister was racing against Australia’s John Landy. The race was historical because a photo was taken of Landy looking over his left shoulder just as Bannister passed him on the race. Landy lost the race BUT both finished in less than 4 minutes. Now running in less than 4 minutes is common.

Some of us have to do impossible things to make it possible for the next person. We are able to sit in rooms with light because Thomas Edison tried OVER 10,000 times before he perfected the idea of the lightbulb. The cell phone, laptops, televisions, cars were all dreams. Things that began as an impossible idea or dream became a reality because ordinary people made the impossible possible.

Don’t think that your dream is too big or that it is just out of your reach. Think it. Believe it. Trust in the power of the universe and JUST DO IT!!  

Boss Lady Michelle