No More Excuses

“I attribute my success to this…. I never give nor take on excuses.”

~Florence Nightingale

How many excuses do you make a day? To yourself and to others?  Over and over we make excuses for ourselves, make excuses for others and accept excuses from everyone else.

Excuses are a form of denial. That voice in your head that says that it is ok to eat cheesecake AND not exercise. You know you will gain weight! Ridiculous thoughts that keep telling you that you will “do it tomorrow.” You slow down your successes and stagnate your growth each time that you delay what you know you need go ahead and accomplish. Face your fear of success and “just do it.”

Think of how much better you will feel about yourself when you stop making excuses to others. If you need to explain something someone, just tell the truth. If it is something that you do not want to do, just tell the truth. Sometimes you may need to seek the help and support of others to get something finished. Ask for it!

Last, stop allowing others to make excuses to you. Don’t allow that to happen and you deserve better. Face the person and ask what is going on. They may be brushing you off or maybe they need help and support. Build up your confidence level to the point that you will not tolerate excuses. You may not be aware but that makes you feel marginalized and lowers your self-esteem.

Today I am giving you a “Boss Lady Challenge.” Try not making nor accepting any excuses for 10 days straight.


The Boss Lady