Value of a Business Card

Yesterday I received an email from a person who sat next to me on an airplane 4 months ago. I held a brief conversation with her, explained my business, and gave her a card. She literally slept the rest of the flight. She contacted me to let me know that she enjoyed our conversation and would be purchasing a home with me in 2019.

Several years ago, I received a call from a lady saying that she and her husband were prepared to purchase a home. After her initial meeting she wanted me to know why she called me.  Five years prior, yes, 5 years…, I was in a store with my daughter. She checked us out at the cash register. She said that I gave her a card and she kept it! She quoted what I said. It is the same line that I have been saying for years: “I own a real estate company. If you ever know of anyone that may want to buy or sell a home, please give them my information.”

I know that now we use a lot of social media and have business cards on our phones. Handing a person your card with a smile and an explanation of your service or product speaks volumes when done correctly. Below are some Boss Lady tips on ways to pass out your card.

  1. Give them to people that check you out at the cash register at a store. They feel good because they just made a sale and they cannot run away!
  2. Find 3 people at a networking event. Explain your business and ask them about their business or profession. At the end of the conversation give them your card and ask for theirs. Make sure that you follow up if you can.
  3. When you are in a situation like on an airplane or waiting in line at a store, have a brief conversation with the person next to you and slip them a card if they seem friendly.
  4. Give one to delivery people, Uber drivers, and service people. (I literally sold a pizza delivery person a house 10 days after he delivered a pizza to my house.)

You paid for your cards. Put them to good use! Set a goal every day for the number of cards to give out. Watch your business grow!

~The Boss Lady