What is your gratitude attitude?

What is your attitude towards gratitude?
“The single greatest thing that you can do to change your life today would be to start being grateful for what you have right now.” Oprah
Grateful. Thankful. Appreciative. All are words that express what most of us should feel when something works our in our favor or we are the recipient of an act of kindness….. but do we embrace the full impact of the concept?
Perhaps because of my humble beginnings or because of the way that my mother trained me to say thank you, I have always been always been an appreciative person. One of my mother’s sayings was that “It is better to give than receive.” Sort of right but sort of wrong. I absolutely love giving. Being able to share and enhance someone’s life touches my soul even if the receiving side does not acknowledge it nor say thank you in return. I know that others feel the same way so my “receiving” is just as important as my “giving.”
Give it some thought. What are you truly grateful for? As for me every morning that I am blessed to open my eyes I repeatedly thank God before I even get out of the bed. Just being cognizant and aware is a beautiful thing. I am surrounded by family and friends that support me daily and for that I am truly grateful. My list could go on forever because I believe that we live in a fluid world of affluence that we can all freely enjoy.
Be grateful today for all things big and small. Give and receive! Tell people that you appreciate them. Hold the door open for someone struggling to get through. Yes, I mean a real door but perhaps someone needs help through an obstacle in life. Let your parents know that you are grateful for your upbringing. Thank your waiter or waitress for giving you a little extra attention. Call up an old friend to see how they are doing and let them know that they are loved and that you appreciate your relationship.
Bosses have a positive attitude towards gratitude!